Teacher of the Year Program

Photo L to R:  Stephen Schiell, Montrose County School District Superintendent; Jeff Mitchell, High School Teacher of the Year; Jamie Gann, Middle School Teacher of the Year; Melissa Good, Elementary School Teacher of the Year; Tyler Dahl, Alpine Bank President; Deann Balash, Montrose Education Foundation Vice-President

The Montrose Education Foundation, Inc. hosted a breakfast for the Teacher of the Year candidates on March 20, 2018.

Sixty-fours teachers were nominated and were introduced during the American Education Week Reception which was held on November 16, 2017.  Twenty-two outstanding educators completed the Candidate Essay Questionnaire, which is based on the Colorado Teacher of the Year Standards and were eligible for consideration.  The 3 level recipients; Elementary, Middle & High School Teachers were awarded a $500 check by Alpine Bank to use in their classrooms.  They are also eligible to apply for the Montrose Education Foundation $10,000 Impact Award.

Congratulations to the following recipients.  Quotes from their application of what they believe makes them an outstanding teacher:

Elementary School Recipient – Melissa Good – Oak Grove Elementary – 5th Grade Teacher
“I teach the whole child, I invest in them and their future.  I believe that an outstanding teacher works well with everyone.  I pride myself in the fact that I have fabulous relationships with my students and their families; this helps my students grow so much more than they would without the home support.  My students become an active part of their education and this shows in the growth they make each year.”

Middle School Recipient – Jamie Gann – Centennial Middle – 8th Grade Writing Teacher
“Unabashed enthusiasm.  For their subject, their students, their life.  A sincere excitement that is expressed as equally between the processes of learning, as it is in the resulting knowledge.  Honesty makes the enthusiasm credible and sincere. Which is important because students learn more from a teacher they can trust.  I strive to inhabit the qualities I’ve described above.  When a student writes something that takes my breath away, I tell them.”

High School Recipient – Jeffrey Mitchell – Olathe High – English Teacher
“What makes me stand out from other teachers is my relentless commitment to make sure students understand WHY IT’S IMPORTANT we are learning particular topics and skills.  If labor predictors are right—many jobs my kids will have in the future are not even created yet. Therefore, to get them ready for life—I teach them HOW to learn.  When my students can stand independently, I know that I have achieved remarkable success.”


Montrose Education Foundation Teacher of the Year Announcement

The Montrose Education Foundation, Inc. hosted a breakfast for the Teacher of the Year nominees on March 24, 2015.

Fifty-two teachers were nominated this year and were introduced during the American Education Week Reception which was held on November 20, 2014.  Twenty-six outstanding educators completed the Candidate Questionnaire and were eligible for consideration.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • Elementary – Jody Hovde, Pomona Elementary Academic Coach.  “Jody champions her school’s students and colleagues daily, taking personal responsibility for Pomona’s performance and outcomes.”
  • Middle – Meghan Waschbusch, Centennial Middle Seventh Grade Science Teacher.  “Megan tries to make things as fun as possible while we learn as much as we can.  She is a perfect mix of sternness and joyfulness.”
  • High – Erin Martinez, Olathe High Agricultural Teacher & FFA Advisor.  “Erin is a truly dedicated teacher.  She puts all of her time and energy into her classes and program.  There is nothing Erin wouldn’t do to help her students be successful.”

Thank you to Alpine Bank for the $500.00 check provided to each recipient for use in their classroom.

For more information, contact:

Teacher of the Year – Deann Balash
Montrose Educational Foundation
930 Colorado Avenue
Montrose, Colorado  81401


Teacher of the Year Award Recipients