About the Montrose Education Foundation


 Core Values:

  • We believe public education in the community is important.
  • We believe public education in our community should be supported.

Strategic Directions:

  • Recognize teachers
  • Develop endowments
  • Expand the awareness of the Foundation


  • Promote understanding and interaction between public schools and the          community
  • Encourage innovative thinking by our teachers and students
  • Help our teachers and students meet the challenges of the future
  • Secure resources from individuals, school alumni, corporations,                      businesses, and foundations to support programs
  • Assist Montrose & Olathe students in their educational endeavors,                  including the encouragement of academic and artistic excellence and              creativity
  • Assist alumni in staying with our schools
  • Administer and provide scholarships for academic and vocational pursuits


  • Develop “Montrose Promise” Scholarship Program
  • Plan on-going Fundraisers
  • Sponsor the Teacher of the Year Program
  • Sponsor the annual American Education Week Reception
  • Recruit Honorary Board of Directors from each graduating class
  • Publish Graduation Book
  • Develop a Hall of Fame Program
  • Provide an Alumni Directory
  • Maintain a Foundation Website