Dirk Johnson


Dirk Johnson, Class of 1993

Dirk was a standout athlete while attending Montrose High School.   Dirk was able to take his academic preparation and work ethic to the University of Northern Colorado where he played on the school’s back to back national championship teams in 1996 and 1997.  He was named to several All-American teams while in college.  Undrafted after college, Dirk’s work ethic paid off again.  He never gave up and ultimately was signed by the NFL, playing for Seattle, New Orleans, Chicago, Tampa Bay and the Arizona Cardinals.  The team he played most of his career with, however, was the Philadelphia Eagles.  He was their punter in the 2005 Super Bowl. During his time with the Eagles, he had an average 41.5 yards per punt.  Dirk never forgot where he got his start, and has returned to Montrose several times to assist with football camps.  Dirk was the invited graduation speaker for the MHS Class of 2008.